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Making Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) a Reality 

ATI is your trusted partner in planning the Urban Air Mobility Ecosystem.

We provide expert services in the fields of eVtols, vertiport infrastructure, training, regulation and consulting.


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In- House Simulation 

We develop proprietary computer 
based simulations to support the design process.

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Vertiport Modeling & Simulation 

Simulation of new and more cost efficient flight routes 

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Technology Integration 

We are a crossroad of technologies
within the UAM Ecosystem. 

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We offer consulting services
including regulations, planning, and execution.

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AAM Regional Market Analsysis

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Use PSU to set flight plan to USpace 

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Funding & Investment 

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Connect Helicopter to USpace

with remote ID

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UAM Ecosystem
Project Management 

We deploy expert teams to manage and supervise operational UAM projects.

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Operational Test Flights & Simulations

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Planning lines & Roadmaps 


ATI is a selected Partner of Israel's National Drone Initiative (INDI) 

ATI is a participant in the 2nd national limited pilot program for the deployment of eVtol in a managed airspace.


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Our Team has extensive experience in Aviation and UAV - for Civil and Defense use cases.

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Eyal Zehavi

CEO, CO- Founder

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Alon Shlesinger

CSO, CO- Founder

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Gilad Brutman

Program Manager

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Udi Mizrachi

Nicole Armbruster

Operations Manager

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Strategic Partnership Manager 

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